School Zone Photo Enforcement

When the Program Began 

Edgewood city council passed Ordinance 18-0538 in December 2018, authorizing installation of school zone enforcement cameras.  These new cameras augment our city’s police force, helping to ensure drivers obey the posted 20 MPH speed limit in school zones.

Why the Program Began

Ensuring the safety of our students walking to and from our local schools is a top priority.  A national survey found two-thirds of drivers exceed the posted speed limit in school zones during the 30-minute periods before and after classes. School zone enforcement cameras provide an ongoing enforcement presence, which creates changes in driver behavior and brings improved road safety to our community.

What the Infraction Money is Used for

In Edgewood, the funds from School Zone Photo Enforcement infractions are used exclusively for public safety purposes, including traffic calming, pedestrian safety, property security, business and residential public safety education and programs, and public safety equipment.  The city does not figure potential infraction revenue into its budget, but only budgets after-the-fact purchases for public safety use of infraction funds available from the prior year.  Edgewood does not consider infraction revenue a “source” of revenue, but only takes advantage of infraction funds already banked, and as stated, exclusively for public safety purposes.  The city has already used these funds to add safety crossing features at intersections, as well as non-infraction radar speed signs throughout the community.

how it works

Where the Cameras are Located

There are currently three schools in Edgewood with School Zone Cameras:   

  • Hedden Elementary School - 11313 8th St E 
  • Edgemont Jr. High School - 2300 110th Ave E 
  • Northwood Elementary School - 9805 24th St E