Westridge Traffic Study

  • The Westridge Subdivision was approved for development back in 2014, and construction of the last few residences was completed in 2022. As a condition of approval, the developer was required to submit $100,000 to the City of Edgewood for addressing potential future impacts to existing neighborhood streets, including 86th Ave E, 32nd St E, and 94th Ave E, between Westridge and 24th St E. The City tasked their on-call consultant, Transpo Group, with evaluating said impacts, including review of vehicle speeds, intersection operations, and general safety to determine if traffic calming measures would be necessary. A copy of their initial study can be downloaded here.
  • A neighborhood meeting was held (at City Hall and online via Zoom) on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 6pm. The presentation slides are available here , and a recording of that meeting can be seen here
  • In response to comments received at the neighborhood meeting, Transpo gathered more traffic data while school was in session and confirmed greater volumes during student pick-up and drop-off hours. The updated study is available here. The study now provides the following recommendations:
    • Install all-way stop control and stop bars at 86th Ave E & 31st St E (Westridge Pkwy)
    • Install a small traffic circle and all-way stop control at 90th Ave E & 32nd St E, with advanced warning signage 
    • Install “transverse striping” on 32nd St E approaching 90th Ave E from either direction, to indicate reduced vehicle speeds
    • Install additional guardrail and reflective markers at the corner of 94th Ave E and 32nd St E
    • Install reflective profiled edge striping at the corner of 32nd St E and 86th Ave E
  • May 2023 Update: Staff has summarized the feedback received in April 2023 linked here, including a prioritized project list and updated cost estimates.
    • Staff will be working with agency partners and contractors to implement the projects listed in the coming months as time and resources allow.

    • Based on the feedback we've received, we are considering speed humps as an additional traffic calming measure. We are tentatively bringing this concept forward for further conversation with the City Council in June. 

    • The guardrail is not included on this list as it is not a traffic calming measure. The city will seek to make the guardrail improvement once funds can be appropriated.

    • August 2023 Update: Traffic Revisions and Radar Speed Limit Feedback Signs will be installed in the coming weeks, with improved lane striping at the corners of 32nd Street E soon after. See the presentation slides here.

Please contact Jeremy Metzler, Public Works Director, with any questions or concerns at 253-831-4266 or jeremy@cityofedgewood.org.