36th St E/Meridian Ave E/Chrisella Rd E

Below Are Comments Received During the Open House on this Location:

  • In favor of a roundabout in lieu of the existing configuration (signal/stop sign)
  • Not in favor of running a new road through the new park site - park user safety is higher priority

Other Questions Received are answered below:  

General Comments Received During the Open House:

  • In favor of “rural feel” – maintain open ditches if possible, sidewalks on one side instead of both
  • Recognize what the City can and cannot control 
    • Meridian Ave E is SR-161, requires coordination with WSDOT
    • Getting in and out of the City relies on coordination with other agencies: 
      • Valley Ave E / Meridian St N (SR-161) – Puyallup & WSDOT
      • Chrisella Rd E (Milwaukee Ave E) / Valley Ave E – Pierce County
      • Sumner Heights Dr E / West Valley Hwy E – Sumner & Union Pacific RR
      • Jovita Blvd E / West Valley Hwy E – Pacific, Pierce County & WSDOT 

Documents for Review: