Economic Development

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Your Opportunity Awaits!

    With a 40 percent growth rate since 2010, Edgewood is no longer Pierce County’s sleepy little secret

    In 2021 alone, Edgewood added 780 residents and was the second fastest growing city in the Puget Sound region

    These valuable customers are waiting for someone to satisfy their desire for retail, dining, and entertainment

Underserved Has Never Looked So Good!

    Edgewood residents are all dressed up, with nowhere to go

  • Median household income ($103,193) is 35% higher than Pierce County 
  • Median home value ($430,600) is 28% higher than Pierce County
  • Approximately 78,000 people (30.170 households) within a 10-minute drive, but nowhere to shop

Too Good To Simply Pass By!

    Along the Meridian Corridor (State Route 161); 20 minutes from downtown Tacoma; and just off I-5 and SR 167, with nowhere to stop

    22,000 annual average daily trips reported for SR 161 in 2020

Edgewood Feels the Need, the Need for Speed!

Our development process is designed for speed. Once a complete application is submitted, you will get comments back within two weeks! Many land use requests are approved within 30 days. Check out our Development Review Calendar to see how this works.

No comments! Then you’re ready for approval.

The entire City entitlement process is offered online. You can submit and track your application from anywhere in the world by using our Public Portal. Check out our Development Review  page for more information.

Town Center

The aerial image at the top of this page is looking at the Heart of Edgewood. Review the vision for Edgewood’s Town Center and follow along with the subarea planning efforts here. As you can see in this photo, many parcels are undeveloped or underdeveloped compared to the Town Center vision. If you’re looking for the right opportunity to invest in Edgewood, Town Center may be the place where the slogan “We have dirt” could turn our availability of land into your next project. 

Additionally, you can find historic community planning resources by visiting this page

For more information, please contact the CED Department at, or call 253-952-3299.