Home Occupation Permit

In addition to the business license requested through the Department of Revenue's portal, a Home Occupation Permit is also required. Complete the permit form (PDF) and remit the final document to the City for issuance.

Anyone engaging in business activities within the Edgewood city limits is required to obtain an Edgewood business license, to include in-home businesses, in-city businesses (owned and operated in the city), out-of-city business that have transactions in Edgewood, and temporary businesses.

Municipal Code

Edgewood Municipal Code Sections 18.100.070 and 18.100.080 identify the standards for a Home Business and a Limited Home Business, respectively. These two categories of home occupations have distinct compliance standards that are based on the type of business proposed. A home occupation is intended to allow residents of single- or multi-family dwellings to operate businesses or conduct commercial activity from their principal residence or from a permitted accessory structure while achieving the goals of retaining the residential character of the dwelling and the neighborhood.