City Clerk

Public Service & Information

The City Clerk's Office serves the Mayor and the City Council, all administrative departments, and the public. The City Clerk's office preserves and provides access to the City's official and historical records.


The City Clerk's Office is called upon to provide information about the community, maintain the record of ordinances and laws of the city, prepare and distribute City Council agenda materials, and attend City Council meetings and prepare the official minutes of actions taken. Appointments to volunteer boards and commissions are coordinated through this office, and staff supports the various boards and commissions by attending meetings and preparing minutes.

The Clerk's Office is also responsible for:

  • Accepting requests for public records
  • Publishing legal notices and providing public notice of various city activities


This Clerk's Office serves as a link between the citizens and their government.


The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to maintain the public trust in the integrity of the local political process through the implementation of all locally and State-mandated requirements for public involvement in the decision-making process, to ensure an accurate archival record of the City's activities, and to facilitate public access to those records.

City Clerk Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the City Clerk include:

  • City Council support including agenda development
  • Electronic records access
  • Legal noticing
  • Management of the City's official records
  • Officiating formal bid openings
  • Packets and preparation of official minutes
  • Public disclosure
  • Recording of legal documents
  • Risk management

Claims for Damages