Hulk/Abandoned Vehicles

What is a Junk Vehicle?

A junk vehicle is defined as any vehicle with three or more of the following conditions:

  • Must be at least three years old
  • Must be extensively damaged 
  • Must be apparently inoperable 
  • Must have a fair market value equal only to the approximate value of the scrap of the vehicle

This definition does not include special-interest vehicles, vehicles undergoing active restoration, farm machinery, or prominently displayed ornamental machinery.

How do I get rid of a junk vehicle on my own property?

If you own the vehicle: 

If you have the title – call a towing or wrecking company near your home and ask if the company is licensed to remove junk vehicles.  Depending on the scrap metal market value and the type of the vehicle you have, the hauler may or may not charge to haul your vehicle.  Some may even pay you.  Call around for the best deal.  The original copy of your title will go with the hauler; however, you may want to make copies for your own records.  If you cannot find the title, contact the Department of Licensing (DOL).  

If the vehicle belongs to someone else:

If you do not have the legal documentation for the vehicle (for example, a title or court order), fill out a Junk Vehicle Affidavit Request Form and return. The Code Enforcement Officer will perform an inspection and notify you when the Junk Vehicle Affidavit (JVA) is ready for you. Follow the instructions on the back of the JVA to notify the legal owner. The form also contains a section for cases where the legal owner can’t be found. The original copy of your JVA will go with the hauler, however, you may want to make copies for your own records.

Can I use the JVA to re-title or sell the vehicle?  

No, the Junk Vehicle Affidavit Request program is designed of the purpose of disposing of junk vehicles.  Your JVA will have a large red stamp on it that states “FOR SCRAP ONLY”.  Contact your local DOL office for title information.  

Does the city remove the vehicle from my property?

No, the city process does not include removing the junk vehicle from your property.  You will need to make arrangements and pay for the removal of the vehicle.  

More questions?

Please email  Edgewood Code Enforcement  or call 253-392-2561. 

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