Where can I operate my business?

Home Based Business (Home Occupation)

There are a few extra rules that try to keep the “home” in “home based business.” Is your business online? Do you have in-person customers, but see less than eight per day? A home occupation certificate may fit your needs. It will allow you to operate a business within your home whether you live in a house, townhouse, apartment, or accessory dwelling unit.


View the Home Occupation Certificate and Appendices for details. If your business meets the criteria, you can apply through the Washington State Business License Service and City staff will contact you via email once we receive your application.

Existing Business Space

Every commercial space should have a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Building Official. This certificate allows a structure to operate a particular use, such as an office or restaurant, and confirms that the structure is in compliance with the regulations in effect at the time of issuance. The property must also be zoned for a particular use. Zoning may be viewed on Edgewood Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Allowed uses in each zoning district may be viewed in EMC 18.70, and are subject to applicable permit requirements.

Properties that do not have record of a legally established use are considered new uses and must follow the Change of Use process outlined below.

Change of Use

To obtain a new Certificate of Occupancy and change the use of an existing structure, the following approvals are typically required:

  1. Traffic Concurrency Reservation Certification (CRC) - Determines whether addition traffic improvements are needed. 
  2. Site Plan Design Review – Land use review of the site layout, including signage, parking, and landscaping 
  3. Site Development Permit – Construction permit for any required site features 
  4. Commercial Tenant Improvement Permit – Construction permit for any interior changes

Not all of the above approvals may apply to your project. Contact Community Development staff at 253-952-3299 for assistance.

New Business Space

New commercial spaces typically require several permits before they can be granted a Certificate of Occupancy. A Pre-Application Meeting is required in most cases, and can provide helpful feedback from numerous city departments and outside agencies prior to application for Design/Site Plan Review, Site Development, and Building Permits. To apply, obtain the necessary forms from our Form Center, prepare your application documents, and apply via the City’s Public Portal. If you need assistance, please contact City staff at 253-952-3299.

Outside City Limits

Businesses that are located outside of city limits but conduct business activities within city limits, such as contractors and mobile food vendors, are required to obtain a business license. Edgewood city limits can be viewed on Edgewood GIS.

2. I have an approved location - how do I apply?

Please visit the Washington State Business License Service to complete a business license application. The City’s annual business license fee is $40, in addition to other fees charged by the Department of Revenue.

3. I have a license – how do I add a City of Edgewood endorsement?

Please visit the Washington State Business License Service and click the link to “Add a city license to your business.” 

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