When is a permit required?

Building permits, in addition to site plan design review, are required when there is a change of use.

Building permits are required when there are modifications to walls, ceilings or partitions over 5 ft. 9 in. in height.

Site plan design review is required for new construction, expansions, remodels, or alterations by more than five percent of the existing floor area, or for a change of use.

If the proposed use generates additional traffic, a Traffic Concurrency Reservation Certificate (CRC) may be required. The CRC may identify additional traffic improvement requirements.

If additional pavement or stormwater infrastructure is needed, a Surface Water Compliance or Site Development Permit may be required.  

To have a better understanding of what permits are required, you are encouraged to call the Community and Economic Development Department at 253.952.3299 or email permit staff.

Other permits are required for:

  • Modifications to the plumbing system such as sinks, toilets, or plumbing pipe modifications.
  • Modifications to the mechanical system such as heating and cooling ducts, air conditioning units, furnaces, gas piping, hoods and exhaust fan modifications.
  • The installation of any signs.
  • Modifications to the fire alarm or fire sprinklers systems.
  • Modifications to the electrical system, such as lighting and outlet modifications, may require an electrical permit from Labor and Industries.

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