Can I operate my business from home?

There are a few extra rules that try to keep the “home” in “home based business.” Is your business online? Do you have in-person customers, but see less than eight per day? A home occupation certificate may fit your needs. It will allow you to operate a business within your home whether you live in a house, townhouse, apartment, or accessory dwelling unit. View the Home Occupation Certificate and Appendices for details. For a full list of home occupation standards, please see EMC 18.100.070 and EMC 18.100.080.

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1. Is this an allowable use?
2. Is this a change of use?
3. What permits are required for a change of use?
4. When is a permit required?
5. Will modifications to an existing space be required?
6. Is a Pre-Applications Meeting required?
7. Is a Site Plan Design Review required?
8. When is a Traffic Concurrency Reservation Certificate needed?
9. How much will a permit cost?
10. Is a business license required?
11. I'm located outside city limits, do I still need a license?
12. Can I operate my business from home?
13. I have an approved location, how can I apply for a license?
14. I have a license, how do I add a City of Edgewood Endorsement?
15. How do I renew my license?