Code Compliance and Enforcement

Code Officers enforce codes/ordinances related to property maintenance, zoning, planning, special land use, signs and permits. Code enforcement also works closely with Fire and Police Services.

The Code Compliance Division is charged with enforcing adopted City codes and ordinances, while taking into consideration the protection of the community, the well-being of the public, and the rights of property owners. 

Edgewood has a commitment to provide safe living conditions for all its residents. It takes a cooperative effort of investors, owners, tenants, and the city to achieve success.

The City of Edgewood’s Code Compliance Division uses a comprehensive approach to promote healthy and safe communities within the city through investigation of violations and enforcement of city ordinances.

City staff helps to promote self-reliance towards a positive physical image of the city and works hard to find ways to get residents to work together so everyone can be a part of the solution.

Code compliance responds to complaints and patrols the city proactively to identify code violations. When a violation is observed, property owners and/or occupants are educated then given a specified time to correct the violation. This “warning” period varies dependent on the violation as some life safety or environmental issues require immediate correction. Failure to correct the violation within the warning period may result a Notice of Code Violation. 

 The Edgewood Municipal Code (EMC) contains the official code of the City. Edgewood has also adopted the International Property Maintenance Code under EMC Section 15.05.100.

 The City uses SeeClickFix as the means to report concerns of potential code compliance issues. The app can also be downloaded from your app store.

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