Edgewood has several resources available to it's citizens.
Click below to learn more about whats available to you. 

Police Department
Our police are dedicted to protecting life and property, upholding rights and working in partnership to help build strong safe communities.

Fire Department
Edgewood Fire Station 118 is served by East Pierce Fire & Rescue. All firefighters are cross-trained as either emergency medical technicians or paramedics and are able to respond to both medical emergencies and fires.

Edgewood Parks
With five parks throughout Edgewood there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Depending on location there are three districts serving our communities, click the link above to find out more.

City History
Edgewood officially became a city on February 28, 1996

Milton/Edgewood Library
The library offers families and children fun, education and free access to over 1 million books, CDs, films, and numerous programs to help children read and do their homework.

Maps & Directions
Navigate in and around the city.

Utilities Serving Edgewood
New to the area? Learn about the utility service providers in Edgewood.

Mountain View Community Center
Serving the community since 2008, the community center provides a variety of health, educational, family resource and poverty reduction programs for the community.