Project Updates & Alerts
Last updated September 25, 2020

Park Status:
Edgemont Park - Open
Nelson Nature Park - Open, with trail closure(s) due to dangerous trees and wind conditions. Please observe and respect barricades and caution tape!


School Zone Cameras
Speed enforcement cameras are installed at six locations: 24th St E near Northwood Elementary (eastbound only), 24th Street East at Edgemont Junior High (eastbound and westbound), and Hedden Elementary (8th Street East eastbound and westbound, and 114th Avenue East southbound).  Speed limits are photo-enforced at the existing flashing beacon locations when flashing. Be advised the camera will be active at the Northwood campus as students return to class the week of September 28th. Please contact the Edgewood Police Department with any questions.

Report a Problem / Request for Action

Contact us for: 
Pavement repair, potholes and resurfacing
Drainage system and culvert maintenance 
Grading and graveling shoulder areas 
Clearing roads of snow, downed trees, and debris 
Street sweeping and litter removal 
Roadside brush cutting and mowing 
Illegally placed signs 
M-F 8:30a-5:00p, Call Edgewood City Hall: 253-952-3299
Nights / Weekends, Call Pierce County Public Works: 253-798-6000
City Hall staff are available during normal business hours during emergency operations.