A Message from Chief Lundborg

The Edgewood Police Department, working together with other Pierce County agencies, is currently monitoring events and activities throughout our region. Incidents of potential demonstrations, vandalism, and looting have been reported and investigated. As of this time, no reports of planned criminal activity in Edgewood have been substantiated. However, there is a planned peaceful rally set for Sunday June 7th from 1 to 3 p.m. near the intersection of Meridian Av East and Milton Way. Organizers have been speaking with law enforcement and are asking attendees to comply with local laws and COVID health safety recommendations. We wanted to share this information with you for your awareness.
Please understand, the City of Edgewood and your Edgewood Police Department mourn the death of George Floyd. We share your pain and disbelief that this could happen. It was not right, and we could see what was wrong. We in law enforcement must be better than that. We are still here to protect and serve you, our community. We are a team and we can only be successful when we work together.
It is my goal to continue to work with you to build our trust, improve our relationship, and strengthen our community. I believe in you; I just ask that you still believe in us.
-Chief Lundborg