Business Licenses

WHAT IS THE FEE FOR AN EDGEWOOD BUSINESS LICENSE? The cost to apply for an Edgewood business license is $40 plus a small additional process/administrative fee charged by the Department of Revenue.  Once the fee and application are submitted, the application is forwarded to the City for review and approval/denial.  The City's review time is relatively quick and is typically completed within one week. Other fees may, but rarely apply.  Feel free to contact City staff for information regarding the review process.

ADD YOUR BUSINESS TO THE EDGEWOOD BUSINESS WEB PAGE -  At no cost to you, any business that is located inside the City limits with a valid business license can be added to Edgewood's Business page on our website, which can include the business name and logo, address, phone, fax, email and web link.  Ask questions via email or by phone at 253.952.3299.

APPLY FOR AND RENEW BUSINESS LICENSES IN ONE LOCATION -   Apply for or renew your business license through the the State of Washington Business Licensing Service! The City of Edgewood is partnering with the Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service (BLS). Edgewood is one of several towns/cities to become an BLS partner.

 All your Business Licensing needs are available through State of WA. Business Licensing Service with their NEW "My DOR" updated business licensing system. Click here to view their flyer.

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 What are the benefits of an BLS partnership?

Our partnership with BLS will allow you “one-stop shopping” when maintaining or renewing many of your state and city licenses.  In addition to filing on paper, many business owners will have the option to renew your city license online.  New or expanding businesses will also be able to apply online for a city license along with other state and local licenses that participate in the BLS, streamlining your licensing process.

What do I have to do?

Right now, you do not have to take any action.  Six weeks before your current license expiration date, the BLS will send you a license renewal form to renew your City of Edgewood business license.  Follow the instructions on the renewal notice.

If you are eligible to file your renewal online, the form will provide a web address and password.  You will use a credit card to make payment for online transactions.  If you prefer to mail the paper renewal form, please do so in plenty of time to reach BLS before the expiration date, and include a check for the appropriate amount.  If the renewal is received after the expiration date, a late filing fee will be assessed.

What fees will I have to pay?
Your renewal form will list the City of Edgewood license fee.  This first BLS renewal may be prorated for less than a year in order to change your current City license expiration date to match with the expiration date BLS already has for your business in their system.  If the renewal is prorated for less than a full year, you probably will not have other fees on this renewal.  However, if your renewal is for 12 or more months, it will also show a $9.00 renewal processing fee.  This fee helps cover the cost of running the BLS system, which includes staff for data entry, as well as the printing and mailing of renewals.

What can I expect in the future?
Many other Washington towns and cities are joining BLS.  This is a proven, cost-effective program that provides benefits to you, the City and all businesses in the state.  As more cities partner with BLS, the benefits will expand.  For the City of Edgewood, it means fewer resources will be used to handle the paperwork part of our licensing process and a better way for business owners to apply for and renew their business licenses.

How do I register for a Washington State Business license?

Go to .  If you are doing business in Edgewood city limits you can add the City license when you are applying for your  Business License.

If I already have a  Business License, how do add City of Edgewood registration?

Simply go to  and log in.  The next screen is the "Purpose of Application". Check ONLY the box "Add State and/or City License to Existing Location".  Doing this will bring up fewer screens need to be completed.  Click "Continue" and finish filling out the application.

Who is required to apply for a Home Business License?
Anyone conducting business within a residential area of Edgewood is required to submit a home business application and undergo a zoning and public safety review.  This ensures that the proposed business activity is in compliance with current regulations to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods and the community.

There are two basic categories of home businesses, Limited Home Business and Home Business.  A Limited Home Business, in essence, is a business that has zero impact on the surrounding residential environment.  A Home Occupation Business is one that creates some impacts that may or may not be the deciding factor(s) of approval of the business. For more information click here.

What is the review process for a Home Business License?
Once the (BLS) application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the City's Planning, Building, Public Works, Police and Fire Departments to ensure that the nature of the proposed business complies with zoning and safety regulations.  Businesses that operate from a residence or residential property are required to meet Home Business standards identified in EMC Title 18 to maintain Edgewood's residential character.

The City's goal is to encourage Home Business operations and to enable them to thrive, while at the same time ensure the safety and peaceful enjoyment of the residential community. Some of the potential impacts that the City considers during the review process include noise, traffic, use of heavy equipment and power tools and other impacts that could create a disturbing or objectionable condition in the neighborhood.  Once the application is approved and the associated fees have been collected, a City Business License will be issued.  An annual home business review is not necessary in most cases, but the City reserves the right of inspection as detailed in the business license regulations and other related City codes, however; the City Business License must be renewed annually.

All businesses must obtain a City Business License that must be renewed annually.  Although not typical, based on the type of business Limited Home Business or Home Business, in addition to the annual permit fee, a one-time review fee may apply.

Where can I find  City Business License Codes?
Edgewood Municipal Code (EMC) Title 5 requires all businesses operating within the City limits and businesses doing business within the City limits obtain a City of Edgewood Business License. 

What if my questions have not been answered here?

Contact the Washington State Department of Revenu by calling 1.800.451.7985 or visit their website at State of Washington Business Licensing Service.  You can also contact City Hall by calling 253.952.3299 or click to send your questions via email.