Chief Lundborg
Micah Lundborg
Chief of Police


We’re still less than two weeks into this new year but I have to admit it feels a lot longer. The murder of Deputy Dan McCartney, one of our Pierce County brothers, hit us hard. The loss is hollow and hurts physically, mentally, and emotionally. It reminds us of our own mortality and the risks that come with our job. It opens old wounds and conjures up the emotions felt long ago upon learning of other officers’ deaths. Our families, those related by blood and those who also act as First Responders, feel the pain as well. Finally, our friends in the community are affected as our sense of security, stability, and our faith in mankind is shaken. The loss of one truly hurts us all.  The process for healing will take time but it is already beginning. Support comes from one another. And it comes from you, the public. It never ceases to amaze me what the community is willing to do for its officers. Unfortunately you are often taken for granted. We forget that you suffer as well. We forget that you hurt. And we often forget that you stand with us during tough times. Yet your support remains. You continue to do a great job reminding us of the reason we took this job in the first place. It is because of you and your support that we choose to serve. Yesterday many of you braved the cold and stood by as the small procession transported Deputy McCartney to the funeral home. Your presence provided comfort and solace. You have left messages of sympathy, support, and hope on social media, in handwritten notes and cards, and extended a hand with personal messages of condolences. You can’t even imagine how helpful that is. Your kind gestures mean so very much.  In this time of darkness and mourning, you (the public) have been our light of hope and healing.  We thank you for your love and support.


The Edgewood Police Department