Planning & Land Use

City of Edgewood Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments - File 5214

Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

Listed below are significant documents relating to land use and development. Some of our Planning and Land use forms are now available to download. This page does not contain a complete list of all land use forms, so please contact City Hall for application requirements specific to your project. Edgewood Municipal Code (EMC) Titles 14,16, 17 and 18 contain information regarding zoning, design, uses and much more and provides a wealth of information to help you determine what type, where and how to accomplish the development project you are considering. It can be overwhelming - we are here help you navigate and understand the code and how it applies to your project. If you have any questions about forms, process, codes or planning-related subject matters, please contact us by calling (253) 952-3299.

Economic Development

City of Edgewood Economic Assessment - November 2014

Building Division

Critical Areas 2017 Update

EMC 2.30  - Establishing the Planning Commission

Comprehensive Plan - The purpose of the Plan is to guide and manage growth. The Growth Management Act requires that state agencies must comply with local comprehensive plans and development regulations. The Comprehensive Plan and implementing regulations allow the City to assert local control over certain issues with the assurance that state agencies will respect their decisions in a manner that will reinforce the desired character, scale, and identity of the City.

Official Zoning Map
Official Land Use Map
Edgewood GIS Map