Records Management

The City of Edgewood works with the State to archive it's essential records.  The following links will enable you to find minutes, ordinances and resolutions that are on file with Washington State Archives.  Please click on the links below to access the Digital Archives of the following City records.  

Minutes 1995-2008
Ordinances 1995-2007
Resolutions 1995-2007

If you would like to view or receive copies of City records, which includes, for example, correspondence, plans, permits, and Council, Committee or Commission meeting materials, you may complete and submit a Request for Public Records form.  It is important to read all of the information on the Request for Public Records form and be as specific as possible so that the City can provide the correct information. Once your request is received, the City will contact you within five business days regarding your request.  There is no charge to view the record at City Hall; however, there is a charge to cover the cost for copies per the City's current Fee Schedule.   Records that require a fee will not be released until the fees are collected.

If you are requesting a large amount of information, such as a building or planning file, unless you're certain you need a copy of the entire file, you may opt to view the file first and flag the information you would like to have copied to avoid paying for items you may not need. Some records can be scanned and  emailed to you.  There is no fee for this service, as the per page fee covers the paper and copy machine costs.

The City's Disclosure of Public Records policies can be found in the  Edgewood Municipal Code (EMC) Section 2.50.  You can  learn more about the public disclosure act in the Revised Code of Washington Chapter 42.56