At the City of Edgewood, staff understands that your time is valuable and that your business decisions are critical. We work hard to ensure that the services you receive, from the initial inquiry and permitting to building permit final inspection, are efficient and predictable. We appreciate the applicant’s desire to invest in Edgewood and strive to help find solutions that work both for applicants and the community.

Permit applications can be submitted Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  An appointment must be made with the Permit Coordinator prior to submittal. Over the counter permits (mechanical, plumbing or reroof) do not require an appointment. Please contact the city at 253-952-3299 or  to schedule your appointment.

In order to have your inspection scheduled for the following business day you must call in BEFORE noon for AM availability, and BEFORE 4pm for the following afternoon. Please call City Hall at 253-952-3299 to schedule an inspection.

Several applications and forms must be submitted, along with plans and other documents, in order to make a complete application for a new single-family residence. The following building forms necessary for submittal for a Single-Family Residence Permit are currently available on our website: 
Single-Family Residential Permit Application 
Mechanical & Plumbing Fixture Checklist 
Fire Flow Credit Worksheet,
Residential Submittal Counter Checklist  
Surface Water Compliance Application

You will also need Certificate of Water Availability  from Mt. View-Edgewood Water, and all items listed on the Residential Submittal Counter Checklist, including septic system design approved by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Instructions and information sheets are accessible by clicking on building forms. Other materials may be required, depending on your project.

A commercial permit application process differs from a residential permit application process in a number of ways. As with a residential project, several applications and forms must be submitted, along with plans and other documents, in order to make a complete application for site development for and construction of a new commercial building. However, for commercial projects, the first step in the process is to complete and submit a Pre-Application form. The purpose of the pre-application conference shall be to acquaint the applicant with the substantive and procedural requirements of the Edgewood Municipal Code and applicable elements of the Comprehensive Plan, arrange such technical and design assistance as will aid the applicant, and to otherwise identify policies and regulations associated with the proposed development. This not only helps the applicant and the City have a better understanding of what the project is and how the codes are applied, but more often than not, the applicant leaves with information that should result in a complete and correct application submittal, which allows a faster turnaround time during the City's project review and approval process.

Some of our building forms are now available to download. A brief overview of some of the necessary forms and steps you may need to take in order to submit an application for a variety of typical projects are listed below to help you get started.  Each project is unique. These application guidelines provide only a general  overview and may not contain all the information required to submit a complete application. The Building Forms page does not contain a complete list of instructions or all building forms, so please contact City Hall  for application requirements for your specific project.

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