Bids/Small Works

Formal Bids
In the formal bid process, the project is advertised in designated newspapers and other media for equipment, supply, material and public works contracts, open to all suppliers, vendors and contractors, and in which price is the primary basis for consideration and contract award.

Invitation to Bid

The city does not currently have any projects seeking an invitation to bid.

 Small Works
Small Works Roster is a process through which written or electronic quotes are solicited from some or all public works contractors who have requested placement on a shared roster kept by the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC) and in which price is the primary basis for consideration and contract award.

2019 General Sewer Plan Update
Deadline: 4:30pm on May 23, 2019

The City of Edgewood (“City”) is seeking Request for Qualifications (RFQs) from professional landscape architects, engineers, and planning consultants licensed under the laws of the state of Washington to support the City’s completion of the design for Phase One of the City of Edgewood’s 36th and Meridian Community Park. The City of Edgewood does not expect or require a large amount of preliminary work to be performed by the applicants for this phase of the selection process.  It is the City’s intent to select consultants based on qualifications, abilities, past performance, and the ability to perform the necessary work and complete the project within the timeframe specified.  Do not submit any price or fee information at this time.  Firms providing such information as part of their response to this RFQ will be disqualified.  

For additional information or explanation of the contents or intent of these specifications, please contact the City with your questions via email to Jeremy Metzler, P.E., Public Works Director at or by telephone at (253) 952-3299.